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Healing. Courage. Coffee. | Three words that inspired us to start a business

Todd and I are so excited to announce that we have started a coffee business! Our new business is called Child Life Coffee. It combines our love of children and coffee. It enables us to give back for all the support we received over the past two years. In fact, if Todd and I had to condense the past two years of our lives into three words, we would choose, Healing, Courage, and Coffee.

Healing: As you know, James was diagnosed with a rare liver disease and received a liver transplant at 8 months old. By the grace of God, James was healed and has been able to live a completely normal life. Our families also experienced healing; having come together through shared experiences and hardship.

Courage: Over the past two years we were faced with many challenges including navigating being first-time parents and preparing for James’ transplant. It took immense courage for us to make it through. James’ donor, Auntie Elise, also demonstrated courage. She selflessly donated a piece of her liver to save James’ life.

Coffee: The past two years required a tremendous amount of coffee. Not only did it provide us fuel, but it also fueled James’ nurses and doctors. One of James’ nurses even said, “This stuff is like currency around here.” It was those exact words that gave us the inspiration to start our business.

At Child Life Coffee, we provide fresh roasted coffee straight to your doorstep and every purchase provides support to children and families in hospital settings. We created Child Life Coffee to give back to MGUH for all the wonderful care they provided James.

Although the whole medical team did an excellent job treating James, it was the Child Life Specialists who had the most significant impact, and that’s how we chose the name. We are dedicated to supporting Child Life Programs in hopes that every hospitalized child and family will receive the support we did.

We are only just beginning our new venture, and we would be forever grateful if you could support our small business. You can help by trying our coffee, sharing our page, and spreading the word!

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