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Liver Disease Awareness Month

Did you know October is liver disease awareness month?

This year, we are raising awareness for a liver disease that only affects infants called Biliary Atresia (BA). This disorder affects the bile ducts which results in the rapid destruction of liver cells, cirrhosis, and scarring of the liver. It affects approximately 1 in 15,000 infants and 70% of those affected will require a liver transplant within their first year of life to survive. BA takes a terrible toll on infants and their families, and they need all the support they can get.

That's why we're asking you to choose Child Life Coffee for your next coffee purchase. This month, we're donating 100% of profits to provide support where its needed most. We've also added the option for you to donate directly to our charity partners by selecting the donate option at checkout.

To make a purchase and to learn more about our mission, and partnerships, please visit www.childlifecoffee.com. But don't wait, because right now we're having a HUGE sale on all of our delicious gourmet coffees!

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