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New Partnership Announcement!

We are excited to announce we have formed a strategic partnership with Liver Mommas & Families, Inc. to extend the reach of our respective companies. LMF and Child Life Coffee will work collaboratively on fundraising efforts, raise awareness for pediatric liver disease and organ transplants, and be a voice in pediatric liver transplant advocacy. As part of our partnership, LMF will help elevate our cause by providing our coffee to families and hospitals who need it most.

Choosing LMF as a partner was an easy choice, as our companies are focused on supporting children and families in hospital settings by working closely with Child Life representatives to provide support where it’s needed most. LMF also provides support beyond the hospital, offering resources on their website for parents and families to help navigate some of the challenges presented by having a child with life-threatening illness. In addition, they provide individual outreach to families through online support efforts and care packages.

LMF’s values align wholeheartedly with ours. We believe our strategic partnership will expand our support network even further, enabling us to reach children and families across the world. As we look ahead to the future, we hope to provide support beyond our coffee and look forward to working closely with Liver Mommas & Families, Inc.

For more information about Liver Mommas & Families please visit www.livermommas.org

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