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Featured Blogs | Child Life Coffee

  • The Coffee Roasting Process

    Coffee beans are roasted to bring about the right balance between the acidity and sweetness of the beans. In other words, the process of roasting the coffee beans brings out their inner characteristics and flavor. The level to which a coffee bean is roasted decides how the coffee will taste upon brewing. For instance, coffee beans that undergo light roasting usually have a light bodied and sweet tasting brew whereas a full-bodied coffee with a chocolaty flavor is dark roasted.
  • Label Guide: How to Choose The Right Coffee For You

    Purchasing coffee can be tricky, especially with so much information on the label. At Child Life coffee, we keep the information and design to a minimum, providing you with only the information you need to make the right coffee decision for yourself.

  • Is Organic Coffee Better?

    Many people wonder what organic coffee is all about. How does it differ from regular coffee? Is the cost worth it?

    These may be some of the questions you think about when you hear or read the words "organic coffee".

    Here are some facts you should know about organic coffee.

  • Arabica Or Robusta? Your Guide to Coffee Beans

    If you are buying coffee beans and aren’t sure what to look for, read on. This guide will help you understand the differences between the basic types of coffee, without the coffee jargon, so you can decide which variety is right for you.
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