Our shop is currently closed. Please see our instagram for more info. Thank you for all your support!

CLC's COVID-19 Response

To Our CLC Community,

Serving you and members of our CLC community is the highest priority. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are updating you on how we uphold the highest levels of product safety throughout our supply chain.

Our roasting and distribution facilities maintain strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices ("GMP’s”) for food handling and safety as mandated by the U.S. Government, along with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations on Health Considerations with Pandemic Outbreaks.

Our coffee is delivered directly to you by mail from our distribution facilities, ensuring higher sanitary standards than what you’ll find at your local grocery stores.

We’re working harder than ever to get your order fulfilled in a timely manner; however, due to recently implemented increased safety measures in our fulfillment centers and unprecedented demand, you may experience a slight delay. Shipping carriers have also temporarily suspended guarantees on delivery dates. Thank you for your continued patience, and please contact us if you have any questions at CustomerCare@ChildLifeCoffee.com.

If you’re stuck at home for a while, we’ve got your back with the highest quality coffee you can buy. Thank you for supporting us and our CLC community.

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