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Our Mission

Child Life Specialist extending a loving hand to James | Child Life Coffee

For pediatric patients of all ages, hospitalization can lead to feelings of fear, confusion, and isolation. Child Life Coffee was born of our passion to give back to Child Life Specialists who help children and families cope with the stress and uncertainty they experience while in the hospital.

We are committed to using the sale of fresh roasted coffee to support Child Life Programs that have a positive impact on children’s physical and emotional health and well-being.

100% of all profits provide support for children and families in hospital settings. We strive to support the wonderful, hard-working Child Life Specialists who work with children and families day in and day out, and ensure that families and healthcare workers have the energy they need by regularly sending our coffee to local hospitals.

We have a chance to help change lives, and we would love for you to join us.


Morgan Emo - Co-founder | Child Life Coffee

"In 2018, my life changed forever when my son received a diagnosis of a rare liver disease called biliary atresia. He spent many months in the hospital and I never left his side. Through every needle poke, procedure, and cry, the Child Life Team was by James’ side. They provided my family with the wrap around support and resources we desperately needed at the time. Their desire to care, to serve, and to help was inspiring. We saw this as an opportunity to give back, and ultimately, this became the leading driver behind the founding of Child Life Coffee."

- Morgan Emo, Co-founder


Todd Emo - Co-founder | Child Life Coffee

"My wife and I have always been coffee lovers. It helped keep us going throughout our many months in the hospital with our son. Although we never really cared for hospital coffee, there was a Keurig in the break room that became our saving grace. One day, I was feeling the kind of tired, empty, and defeated only coffee could cure but the breakroom was out of coffee. A nurse must have noticed the sad look on my face because she handed me the last k-cup and said “Here, this stuff is like currency around here.” In that instant, I knew how we could give back."

- Todd Emo, Co-founder

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